Vision Wood


Rediscovering one of the oldest building materials in the world

It is always the simplest ideas which lead to the greatest consequences. (Leo N. Tolstoy)

Wood is cosy, atmospheric and a natural building material that comes with many benefits: while wood itself is low in weight it has a tremendous weight-bearing capacity, is stable and elastic at the same time, offers versatile uses and benefits room climate because it can absorb large amounts of moisture and release it back into the environment. Just one example: A fir-wood cube with a length of four centimetres can carry four tonnes of weight. This makes wood stronger than concrete!

Despite all these amazing facts, it seemed almost as if wood as a construction material had been forgotten in recent years, as this building material quickly lost ground to other constructions. HoHo Vienna puts the basis for its construction back into the "hands of nature", trusting in the naturally outstanding properties of wood. The objective should now be to harness all these financial and ecological benefits for urban areas as well. State-of-the-art technology offers the opportunity to use wood as a key element in the construction of high-rise buildings.