Team Management


Bmstr. Ing. Caroline Palfy

Caroline Palfy was born in Vienna in 1979 and grew up there. After completing the Federal Secondary College of Engineering and the birth of her twin daughters in 2000, she worked at various architecture offices. In 2004, she switched to the real-estate industry with a focus on the rehabilitation of old buildings in Günter Kerbler's conwert Immobilien Invest SE. Most recently, Caroline Palfy headed Construction Management and served as Prokurist (holder of a general power of attorney) at Conwert Baudevelopment GmbH. In 2012, she successfully obtained her Master Builder Certificate. She has been a project developer in the Kerbler Group since 2013. In the same year, she established cetus Baudevelopment GmbH with Günter Kerbler, specialising in the sustainable development of building projects. As managing director of the companies responsible for the development of the Aspern Seestadt building plots, she plays an instrumental role in designing the world's first 24-storey high-rise made of wood, due to be implemented soon.