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Seeparkquartier: Urban quarter to live and work in

The Seestadt is a place for people who seek both sustainability and urban density. It has space for all generations and many lifestyles, for an entire lifetime. It is also the ideal location for companies that want to offer their employees a high-quality environment. It keeps the options open for a lively blend of offices, service facilities, education & research, and residences. In its diversity, the basic planning behind Seestadt Aspern will be the guiding principle when it comes to utilisation. Aside from education and research facilities, a wide range of municipal facilities will be accommodated in the Seeparkquartier and its ground floors. First developments in the Seeparkquartier have already begun. The first tenants  will moved in at the end of 2017.

By 2020 the Seeparkquartier will be built on a gross floor area of ​​230,000 square meters
• approximately 700 residential units,
• up to 2,500 workstations,
• 8,000 square meters of trading space
• 140 apartments for guest professors
• 350 places for students
• 5 high-rise buildings