Project Ecological Performance Indicators

Ecological Performance Indicators

The ecological performance indicators of HoHo Vienna

We are all well aware that wood has many wonderful properties. HoHo Vienna "utilises", "installs", "exploits" and "employs" wood as a material in the best manner possible.

  • Roughly 4,350 m3 of wood are used in the entire construction, corresponding to 0.6 per mill of Austria's annual surplus timber production!
  • Compared to reinforced concrete construction, the use of wood avoids some 2,800 tonnes of CO2 equivalents. This corresponds to approx. 20 million passenger car kilometres or 1,300 years of daily car drives over a distance of 40 kilometres.
  • In addition, compared to reinforced concrete construction, the HoHo Vienna construction method saves some 300,000 megawatt hours of primary energy. This corresponds to primary energy savings of 300,000 mWh! This is approximately the amount of energy needed to heat a tenement with 32 apartments over a period of 1,100 years.