Project Construction System

Construction System

The HoHo Vienna as a showcase project for hybrid construction

The simplicity of the construction system used in the making of HoHo Vienna and the manner in which it combines different construction materials make up its appeal, with wood always taking a front seat. The system, which is kept deliberately simple, stacks up four pre-fabricated, serial building elements: supports, joist, ceiling plates and facade elements. The wood composite floors are secured to the building's supporting core structures and extend out to the facade. The serial elements that make up the wood composite floor structures are supported by wooden columns in the outer facade layer. The columns, in turn, form a common mounting element with the likewise prefabricated outer wall elements made of solid wood and the "earthy" mineral sandwich shell structure that forms the building's facade. The exposed interior wood surfaces of the continuous wood floor structures, the pillars and the outer wall create a sensual, natural atmosphere.

The concept of reduction to only a few, simple structural elements and connections and using them in large numbers captures the benefits of an economy of costs. At HoHo Vienna, the calculated resistance to fire is warranted by the use of suitably dimensioned wooden elements and the building's efficient design. Cladding with other materials is therefore not necessary. Very important: by using wood in this manner, it remains an essential element of the indoor Environment.