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First shop opened

First shop opened
Neuroth is starting: Austria's leading and most traditional hearing care professional has moved into the HoHo Vienna. On Wednesday evening, the 140th Neuroth Institute - the 25th in Vienna - would be officially opened at Wangari-Maathai-Platz 1.
“We are proud to be able to open our 140th specialist institute in this special location. The element wood stands for the growing as well as for sustainability. It is a symbol of life, which also fits Neuroth perfectly. It is not for nothing that we have been providing better hearing and therefore a better quality of life for over 110 years - now also in Seestadt ”, says Neuroth CEO Lukas Schinko, who is the fourth generation to manage the traditional Styrian company that was founded in Vienna in 1907.

The new rooms on the ground floor of the HoHo Next are bright, modern and friendly. “We wanted to create a particularly pleasant atmosphere because hearing is simply very personal. Especially when it comes to the supply of hearing aids, it is important to feel good, ”says Neuroth area manager David Wanderer, who also heads the new institute in Seestadt. The extensive service ranges from non-binding hearing advice to free hearing tests to the individual adaptation of the latest hearing aids and hearing protection solutions.
HoHo investor Günter Kerbler from Kerbler Holding is also pleased about the move in of Neuroth: “Five intensive years - from the development, the construction phase to the final interior work - are behind us or will end this year in 2020. that the HoHo Vienna finally comes to life and is accessible to all Seestädter. The Neuroth institute starts here on the ground floor of the HoHo Next. At Neuroth, I can even draw a parallel to our wooden tower: new techniques, skillfully used, reduced to the essential, namely the quality of life of every person.”
Picture 1 bottom left: Gertrude Lienhart (Head of Neuroth Austria; 2nd from left), David Wanderer (1st from left) and his team of hearing care professionals. Source: Neuroth 
Picture below right: Proud of the new specialist institute: Neuroth CEO Lukas Schinko (left in the picture). Source: Neurot