News HoHo Vienna: first tenants moving in!

HoHo Vienna: first tenants moving in!

HoHo Vienna: first tenants moving in!
The first tenants to move into the unique-in-the-world timber environment of HoHo Vienna have been confirmed. On the one hand, investor Günter Kerbler and Caroline Palfy, including team, will relocate to their own project. On the other hand, the Holistic Health Club will open GATE 9 in HoHo HEALTH, offering a wide range of fitness services for all target groups. Negotiations with other tenants are in full swing. Including with the Ströck company which is among the candidates for tenancy of the HoHo Vienna bakery, with its extensive range of bakery products. A partial inauguration is scheduled for June 2019.
Owner and developer Günter Kerbler and project manager Caroline Palfy will relocate to one of the business floors of HoHo Vienna, together with the entire Kerbler Holding team and subsidiary cetus Baudevelopment. The Vienna-based Kerbler Holding GmbH has cross-industry investments in various lines of business. cetus Baudevelopment GmbH is specialised in real estate and property development in particularly dynamic growth areas of metropolitan Vienna and is the developer of the innovative HoHo Vienna, the world's tallest timber high-rise.
„Many won't believe that I am leaving the town centre to move to the outskirts of Vienna, but evidently, there is a perfect environment for every work process and I always believed that timber is unique in terms of atmosphere, even over ten years ago", Günter Kerbler explains. "At HoHo Vienna, we can enjoy all the conveniences of our in-house utilisation plan. We all need a change of perspective once in a while – particularly our many young colleagues, who appreciate new, modern and creative working environments", Kerbler continues.
Welcome to GATE 9 – the Holistic Health Club in HoHo Vienna
Gate 9, a spaciously designed fitness space, is set to open at HoHo Health. Set on some 1,500 sq. m., the Holistic Health Club will augment the comprehensive services provided in the HEALTH area. The best equipment for cardio, strength, functional and endurance training as well as a free weight area including kettlebells awaits both novice and fitness enthusiasts – along with the guidance of seasoned coaches and personal trainers, available on request. Yoga, group fitness and back care training are offered along with wellness. The timber environment further contributes to promoting health.
GATE 9 devoted to holistic health promotion
GATE 9 is assigned the element EARTH and is inspired by the motto Holistic Health – Not Just Fitness. In the spirit of Holistic Health, Community and Judgement Free Zone, GATE 9 stands for holistic health promotion – from physical and mental fitness to social encounter zone. This holistic approach was conceived and developed by Robel Tesfai and Alessandro Palermo, both of whom hail from Switzerland. Novices, advanced and professional users are invited to pursue the shared goal of Healthy Minds and Strong Bodies. Special hospitality packages provide a tailored solution for every member – in accordance with both budgetary and personal time constraints. Learn more at
All under one roof – tenant negotiations in full swing
Aside from these negotiations – including with the Ströck company for the bakery – a handicraft market may move into the ground floor zone of HoHo Next as a pop-up store on June weekends. HoHo Vienna's "All under one roof" service offers all the amenities and leaves nothing to be desired: fitness, beauty, health and wellness areas as well as restaurants ensure comprehensive well-being. Always complemented by the unique timber atmosphere.
Office and co-working areas with a lake view
HoHo Vienna also houses office spaces starting at 450 sq. m. of floor space and co-working premises with a lake view. The office concept developed by managing director Caroline Palfy five years ago, offers the greatest possible measure of flexibility: those who need to focus quietly use the individual cubicles, while the open-plan areas lend themselves to teamwork. The conference room in the 15th floor is used for brainstorming – and includes a view of Seestadt. HoHo Vienna scores additionally with a perfect connection to the city centre. There is a subway stop in the immediate vicinity.