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The façade of the HoHo Wien consists of two different natural raw materials that have been perfectly selected for their functionality and construction. The ground floor and first floor of the HoHo Vienna and the HoHo Next solitaire building are surrounded by a larch formwork, which is mounted on site at the site.
These plates have a very long life with low susceptibility to damage. In the case of a skyscraper, damaged exterior parts are generally only to be exchanged in a resource- and cost-intensive manner, so the facade should be as good as possible
HoHo Wien as a hybrid wood construction stands for using materials where they can most sensibly unfold all their positive qualities. So there is never an either-or, but only the basis of decision: meaningful and sustainable. Apparel is even more important than any other construction project at the world's tallest wooden building: Eternit façade panels are not only characterized by perfect protection against the effects of the weather, they are also highly fire-resistant, sound-absorbing and durable.
Further information can be found on the website of Eternit and the Fachverband für ventilated, curtain wall architecture.

Foto (c) cetus Baudevelopment GmbH und Thomas Lerch