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A look around in our day-to-day world makes one thing clear: metal is ubiquitous. This element can even be found in the human body. Metal symbolises maturity and solidity and can be formed and used in many different ways. As a result of its positive properties it can be wielded to create not only permanent links but also new ways of communication. With HoHo BUSINESS, metal symbolises the project's solidity and continuity. Tenants are thus guaranteed the highest levels of safety and reliability.

People spend the greater part of their lives at work. Therefore, the working environment must be suitable and on attractive premises. Employers who take their responsibility seriously will thus offer high quality and comfort. Only if the atmosphere at work is right, will work performance be strong. HoHo Vienna caters to this: with spacious office space that can be configured to meet the needs of the various sectors. Individual and flexible. Everyone will find a place for themselves here. Moreover, the excellent infrastructure and the many practical amenities in the neighbourhood are just waiting to be used. Click her to the 3DWalk!