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A Successful Team

A Successful Team
The "wooden tower" project was born, as it were, with the question: "Why doesn't anyone else do it although its so straightforward?". The originator, Caroline Palfy, came up with the idea of a wooden hybrid construction and – it's been two years now – set out in search of the right partner to test the feasibility of such a wooden high-rise. It took four months for the small team consisting of an architect, fire protection engineer and an engineer specialised in load-bearing structures to test all the risks involved. This bold idea has evolved (and can already be viewed virtually) and we will no be able to watch it rise at Seestadt Aspern over the next two years.
 F.l.t.r. on the photograph Alexander Kunz (Kunz – Die innovativen Brandschutzplaner), Richard Woschitz (RWT+ZT GmbH), Caroline Palfy (cetus Baudevelopment), Rüdiger Lainer (RLP Rüdiger Lainer + Partner Architekten) and Alexander Kopecek (Wien 3420 aspern Developement)

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