Property Wellness


Ever more people are seeking to restore the relationship between inner balance and outer beauty. This has caused the wellness sector to become a burgeoning market. HoHo WELLNESS is all set to accommodate this line of business and offers tenants excellent rental space for this purpose. The space offers nature in its purest form. The precious wood ambiance radiates pure recreation. The focus is on natural relaxation and pure wellbeing. This is a place to unwind and become one in body and mind. For a perfectly delectable experience.
HoHo Vienna stands for commercial premises of a DIFFERENT KIND – for working, shopping, consuming in style. On 24 floors, the building will provide commercial space for restaurants, health, beauty and wellness, business, hotel and apartments. The Asian theory of elements ensures a perfect work-life balance. Wood, fire, earth, metal, water, air and emptiness are what characterise and strengthen the use of space. Here, where the elements of nature come together to form a new quality of life at all levels.


Astonishingly, this element is dynamic and active. Emptiness allows us to master time and space. Complete fulfilment becomes possible. A sense of wholeness can be achieved through internalisation and transformation. Out of emptiness comes fullness. This is an experience HoHo Vienna's attractive wellness area has to offer. A place where Western modernity meets Asian wisdom. A snug island for relaxation and beauty. A place to replenish.