Property Restaurant


A kitchen without fire? Inconceivable! The fireplace is the heart of a place. Naturally, the future HoHo Restaurant operators will not have to do without it. Quite the contrary: the element of fire is bound to invigorate their business development. The urban setting with lake access and a natural environment will be conducive. The U2 metro line stops right at the doorstep. For the sake of the guests, the focus is on hospitality and service quality as well as regional and fresh products. Any restaurant operator that meets these specifications is very welcome at HoHo RESTAURANT. All the best!
HoHo Vienna stands for commercial premises of a DIFFERENT KIND – for working, shopping, consuming in style. On 24 floors, the building will provide commercial space for restaurants, health, beauty and wellness, business, hotel and apartments. The Asian theory of elements ensures a perfect work-life balance. Wood, fire, earth, metal, water, air and emptiness are what characterise and strengthen the use of space. Here, where the elements of nature come together to form a new quality of life at all levels.

[THE] Fire

A glance into fire reveals its action. It spreads dynamically. With heart-warming impulsiveness. This is the spirit that inspires HoHo RESTAURANT. It sets alight its own world as part of the global metropolis Vienna. Kindling sparks are set off and set ablaze the performance standards and the desire to succeed. Day after day. Who wouldn't want to experience that uplifting feeling? The tenants of HoHo Vienna will have ample opportunities to do so.