Property Health


Two floors are reserved for establishments promoting health, wellbeing and balance. With a formidable synergy potential for tenants and their customers. Modern systems and equipment can be used in various ways, covering a wide range of applications from diabetology to pain therapy and from preventive healthcare to various functional tests and an outpatient clinic for physiotherapy clinic. Psychosocial care and alternative medicine are available as well. The location is a worthwhile investment in the future. By 2028, more than 20,000 people will be living and working at Aspern, Vienna's lakeside city. The success story is going from strength to strength.
HoHo Vienna stands for commercial premises of a DIFFERENT KIND – for working, shopping, consuming in style. On 24 floors, the building will provide commercial space for restaurants, health, beauty and wellness, business, hotel and apartments. The Asian theory of elements ensures a perfect work-life balance. Wood, fire, earth, metal, water, air and emptiness are what characterise and strengthen the use of space. Here, where the elements of nature come together to form a new quality of life at all levels.


As the source for growth, the Earth is undergoing constant change. It provides the sustenance for our existence. Her positive energy can be felt at HoHo Health. This modern health centre is the perfect place to experience the benefits of healing and regain one's strength with the assistance of doctors and therapists. Anyone who commits to providing their services here gets to work with harmony and groundedness. The wholesome environment helps to promote health. Time to sit back and take a deep breath.