Property Beauty


The flexible room layout and planning options are very convenient for entrepreneurs at HoHo Vienna. The possibilities are endless. Thanks to the separate entrance for the beauty area, customers get to access the premises for cosmetic treatment and body care undisturbed. The agreeable environment goes a long way to ensuring a special kind of quality. The ambiance is extraordinary and impresses even the most demanding customers.
HoHo Vienna stands for commercial premises of a DIFFERENT KIND – for working, shopping, consuming in style. On 24 floors, the building will provide commercial space for restaurants, health, beauty and wellness, business, hotel and apartments. The Asian theory of elements ensures a perfect work-life balance. Wood, fire, earth, metal, water, air and emptiness are what characterise and strengthen the use of space. Here, where the elements of nature come together to form a new quality of life at all levels.

[THE] WAter

The symbol for stillness and contemplation; its continuous flow positively affects human emotions. Renewal and cleansing provide buoyancy and inspire the wish to nurture what is beautiful. HoHo BEAUTY is the perfect place to do just this. Rental spaces of variable sizes are available for beauty entrepreneurs. Just as everything is in constant flow, anything is possible here – especially for startups that need only small units to begin with. In this spirit: bring on the water!