Property Apartments


The serviced apartments at HoHo Vienna offer lots of amenities for anyone expecting high standards and planning to rent for the short term only. The rooms at Vienna's lakeside city are natural yet refined. There is no sign here of the hectic rush of everyday life. Rather, this is the place where you get to take a deep breath and enjoy undisturbed repose. Your second home of the highest standard.
HoHo Vienna stands for commercial premises of a DIFFERENT KIND – for working, shopping, consuming in style. On 24 floors, the building will provide commercial space for restaurants, health, beauty and wellness, business, hotel and apartments.
The Asian theory of elements ensures a perfect work-life balance. Wood, fire, earth, metal, water, air and emptiness are what characterise and strengthen the use of space.
Here, where the elements of nature come together to form a new quality of life at all levels.


[The] AIR

Humans are unable to survive without this element. It helps them keep a clear head when taking decisions. The better the air, the higher the quality of life. It really pays at HoHo APARTMENTS. Despite the natural method of construction, the building breathes. Anyone who has experienced this will appreciate the difference. It is much more agreeable to live in the well-kept rooms of a wooden house. Furthermore, the proximity to Danube Island provides ample opportunity for various recreational activities.